Design around people.

One of the things Pittwater understood and the council supported was Placemaking. This is basically designing places around people and what they need and want. Not around developers’ needs. Not around big supermarket and shopping centres needs. And not about the main need of filling a few people’s wallets.

Designing around people?  – This may sound obvious but it is not how most urban design has worked over the last 50 years.

With the introduction of cars much of our design has become mega-scale; large and fast. We have forgotten we are humans and need to live on a human scale.

We have also given into large companies and developers as the designers of our cities, urban environments and even the places we live.

What would happen if we start using placemaking techniques in designing our urban places? If we designed on a human scale and we, as people, took over our urban planning? – Beauty!


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