Winnererremy Bay – saved by Pittwater Council

 History of Winnererremy Bay

Information from Rosie’s blog on Bayview a history of Rowland Reserve

Winnererremy Bay would have been sold to developers if not for Pittwater Council.

Winnererremy Bay would have been sold to developers if not for Pittwater Council.

In 2003 the State Government sought to develop their land at Winnererremy Bay with a proposal for a mixed density residential development. (Much of the foreshore land surrounding Winnererremy Bay resulted from major dredging works that took place in the late 1960’s when the area was under Warringah Council management.)

Pittwater Council and the community objected to this proposed use and argued that the land was the last area of Pittwater foreshore land. And it offered the opportunity to be turned into a greenhouse park.

The State Government would only agree if Pittwater Council purchased the land and resolved the other land use issues taking place on their land.

A rescue package was developed by Pittwater Council to fund the acquisition and resolve the land use issues. This involved planning for and accommodating the following:

  • The subdivision and sale of both Council’s Mona Street Depot and Quays Depot to pay the State Government for the acquisition of the land and achieve a range of strategic outcomes.
  • The provision of a regulated facility to accommodate the waterway contractors in a designated and screened area adjoining Rowland Reserve. (Note the zoning has a specific schedule to permit this use).
  • The retention of the majority of the available open space as public recreation space and environmental protection areas.
  • A Special Committee of Council, the Winnererremy Bay Committee, was established to progress the foreshore land acquisition and provide a community consultation forum.
  • Initial sketch plan put to State Government in negotiation for transfer of land to public ownership. Initial proposal to subdivide depot to finance purchase of open space.
  • An initial masterplan was prepared for the Winnererremy Bay area outlining the communities visions for the area.

The Winnerremy Bay Committee was formed to guide the masterplan process and keep the local community informed of developments.

Today the park looks like this

Today the park looks like this

The masterplan formed the basis for the purchase of the land from the State Government and briefing of consultants for the Plan of Management.

The Masterplan was adopted by Pittwater Council on September 2003.

Following development of the masterplan for the entire Winnererremy Bay area a masterplan was prepared for the parkland area indicating the following design elements:

  • Regional playground incorporating playground equipment, dry creek bed and proposed kiosk
  • Car park to service playground and adjacent school site
  • Perimeter cycleway
  • Interpretative/cultural elements
  • Perimeter tree planting
  • Mounding, seating and BBQ’s
  • The playground was designed to incorporate equipment not usually seen in playgrounds and used to offer a whole new concept of play experience.

A dry creek bed was constructed to provide a further level of play adventure utilising sculptural theming and super advanced plant material.

Breakfall areas generally including sand or rubber were installed. The rubber breakfall has incorporated murals to blend with the feel of the overall area.

To further enhance the recreational value of the park, electric BBQ’s and shade structures along with associated furniture were installed. A café has also been constructed which services both park and playground users and passers by.

The park is a very popular destination for picnickers and party goers as well as keen dog walkers or mums and dads who wish to bring their children to a safe but innovative play area.

The park has been recognised as an award winning recreational area by the Parks & Leisure Industry


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