“Better person with sand between my toes”

This is a quote my neighbour, Julie said to me yesterday. She stopped me on Clareville Beach to say how great the new footpath is on Hudson Parade.

Julie has two young children who go to Bilgola Plateau Public School. Although the new footpath will not make it easier for her children to walk to school it will make it possible for them to have a lot more independence. I can’t tell you how excited by this she was.

It will mean that I can stay living here. As they grow up they can now walk into Avalon, meet friends, not rely on me to drive them around. They can become independent individuals,” she exclaimed.

She added that she will now send her children to Barrenjoey High. “It’s a good school and now the kids can get there easily, there is no need to look for alternatives.”

“Look for alternatives?” I naively asked.

“Well it more than just getting to school. I want my children to be independent. As they grow older, they are now 7 and 5, I want them to get out of the house, walk to the shops, the beach, their friends and to school. This wouldn’t have been possible without the footpath. I work. I can’t drive them everywhere. I would have had to move and…

“I’m a better person with sand between my toes.”


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