Case study on how easy it is to provide for pedestrians, bikes and public transport

Building infrastructure for bikes, pedestrians and public transport is not about being anti-cars. It is about providing options for everyone and addressing the in-balance. Plus if more people take different options to get around – rather than just cars – there will be less congestion on roads and in expensive, ugly car-parks (and less need for them).

The video shows a case study of how Pittsburgh in the US “leapfrogged” into making it’s area more liveable within six months.

It is an example of what Councils can do.

Pittsburgh’s Mayor Peduto Wants to “Leapfrog” into Liveability from STREETFILMS on Vimeo.

Unfortunately in the past our Councils on the Northern Beaches haven’t done this, including Pittwater. Like many other councils in Australia it mainly thought “CARS” when planning. Which means that as soon as people have children of an age when they want to be independent they usually have to leave many places in Pittwater especially those living in Clareville, Whale Beach, Palm Beach, Church Point, and Newport on the Pittwater side.

Lets take Clareville as an example. Would you send your ten year old to walk down Riverview Road or the areas of Hudson Parade with no footpath?

We are in easy walking distance from Bilgola Plateau Public School. Would you let your child walk there?

How does your 14 year old get into the city if you can’t drive her into Avalon or Mona Vale? This could be the reasons why we see a lack of diversity in age-groups in Pittwater. Only people with young children or retired couples with two cars find it easy to live here.


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