Think like bikers and walkers

Shared bike and foot paths don’t always work. Sometimes the cheaper option of painting a bike track on the road is safer and better for all.

In Bayside Council they spent well over $M for a shared track along Beach Road. Neither bikers or walkers use it. They both find it dangerous and unpleasant.

Bikers use the road and it is mostly MAMILs (Middle Aged Men In Lycra) in packs, not families or kids. The kids even prefer to ride (illegally) on the walkers’ dirt tracks than the shared path.

This is a lesson for Pittwater Council. Especially around places such as Bilgola Bends. Mark out a bike track on the road. Best practices show that bikers feel safest with the green paint.

Walkers love the view and the quiet of the soft dirt track on the Bilgola headlands.

And if you want to encourage families and kids to bike ride, maybe put in dirt bike tracks along our reserve and public land. Maybe such a track could go on the reserve next to Barrrenjoey Road or The Serpentine? A much cheaper option than a shared bike/foot path.

Some places need concrete foot paths, for example along sections of bus routes to provide wheelchair access to homes and shops.

We need to THINK! What are the best, safest options – sometimes they are the cheapest too.


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