The ice-cream test

Does your street pass the ice-cream test?

Does your street pass the ice-cream test?

Do you feel comfortable sending your kids down the street to buy an ice-cream? Does your street have a safe footpath or is it so quite, or has a wide enough verge, you still feel it is safe enough for the kids to walk along? This is the ice-cream test. If you answered “Yes” you are lucky. This means you live in a walkable area. If you answered “No” you need to do something about it. You need to talk with your local council to see how it can be fixed.

We should all aim to live in a walkable area. All our homes should pass the ice-cream test.

In Pittwater we have a good starting point. Most of us live easy walking distance from a small local shop which sells ice-creams. But what has happened over the years is traffic has built-up and many of our quite, holiday-like streets have become busy and unsafe for children and in many cases even the most thrill-seeking adult. These streets need safety footpaths.

There is an argument which goes around Pittwater that we like our streets unstructured, green; we don’t want concrete. Well of course this is fine for our quite streets but as streets get busier they all need a safe place for our kids to walk. Just think back to the ice-cream test.

If your street doesn’t pass the ice-cream test contact Northern Beaches Council NOW.


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