Tips to help you enjoy work more

For many of us most of our waking day is spent in an office environment. Work can often be boring and the meetings quite tedious. So here is a little idea to break up the monotony, make meetings more worthwhile and less hierarchical. And it’s good for your health, fitness and looks too. PLUS it could save you money and time at the gym!

Walking meetings

Meetings on the go are good for three main reasons:

  1. It’s good for your health. Office dwellers, and many of us are, form a habit of being sedentary week in and week out. Clearly not conducive to a healthy, active lifestyle.
  2. It generates new ideas. Being stuck in your usual surroundings on a daily basis can really hinder your creativity. You start to get tunnel vision and tend to think more inside the box. The same goes for writing. You have to revisit your work after a couple days break to really look at it from a fresh perspective. If you change your surroundings and your context, you can start to look at things differently.
  3. It gets you out of the office. Sort of like #2, but an excuse to get out of the office and stretch your legs is always welcome. Meetings outside are quite simply a revelation.

Plus here are some Green ideas for work

1. Leave the car at home

Catch public transport, ride or walk to work. If you have to drive, set up a travel roster with workplace living in your area. Each person you take with you is one less car on the road – and who knows, you might discover a shared love of 80s hits!

2. Bring a cup

Each day in Australia an estimated 1.3 million cups of takeaway coffee are consumed – which adds up to an enormous amount of waste. Bring your own cup or invest in a reuseable one –you’ll find that coffee often tastes better when it’s not drunk from a disposable cup.

3. A home-made lunch

And while you’re at it, packing your own lunch is also a good green choice, and often a much healthier option than takeaway. Not to mention the reduction in packaging from less plastic knives and forks!

4. Greenery for greening

A few office plants not only make the workplace a much nicer place to be, they also improve air quality. There’s nothing like a little pot plant love.

5. Less bins, less waste

Reduce the number of bins in the workplace – one for recyclables at each desk with all other waste to go in a central bin. If you have to walk to throw away your rubbish, you’re more likely to think about the waste you’re creating.

6. Get composting

Up to 20% of office waste is compostable, or green waste. Set up a green waste bin, or even a worm farm if possible. If you can’t use the waste onsite, a keen gardening workmate may take it home.

7. Turn off at the end of the day

Make sure you turn off all lights, computers and printers at the end of the day – also when you finish using a meeting room. We’re all forgetful, so a few well placed signs will do wonders, or your workplace might be willing to invest in timing devices that make the savings automatic.

8. Green printing strategies

Think about what you’re printing before you print – do you really need a hard copy? If you do, print two-sided black and white whenever you can and use recycled paper. Investigate print cartridge recycling in your office.

9. Re-use, recycle

Use scrap paper to make scribble pads for meeting notes, and re-use postage boxes, envelopes and packing material when you’re sending parcels from work. Investigate local charities to see if they are interested in taking old office furniture and equipment.

10. Work together!

Set up a green committee – by working together, you’re bound to come up with new ways to make your workplace a greener environment. Involve someone from management, and someone from accounts who can work out the cost savings – as well as anyone else with an interest or enthusiasm. The more the merrier!


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