Simple re-design could enliven Pittwater Villages

Melbourne is now such an exciting, vibrant, liveable city. But it wasn’t always so. The grid, concrete, grey, wide street set-up of the city made it boring and depressing.

So how did it change? With simple re-designs of lanes, roads, footpaths, walls, seating and spaces. There are simple lessons for us here in Pittwater and it’s all about design.

The results could give us:

  • safe spaces for pedestrians and push-bikes
  • small details – aspects of wonder and delight
  • places for art and entertainment
  • spaces for people to gather and eat
  • a cafe culture
  • a better business environment for our shops and cafes
  • areas for “passive policemen”
  • spaces of natural beauty
  • reclaimed streets
  • places to be quiet and think, but still watch the world go by

The overriding lesson from Melbourne is design to create vibrant spaces, where you feel safe, but at the same time excited, enlivened.

An example is what Melbourne did with it’s lane-ways. Twenty years ago these lane-ways where dirty, dark and made you feel unsafe. There is no way you would think of walking down them. They were used for trucks and rubbish storage. Then in the late 1980s Melbourne decided to re-design the lane-ways, getting rid of the trucks and rubbish. It made them pedestrian thoroughfares, provided public seating, allowed little cafes, shops (passive policemen) and wall and other forms of art. The result is vibrant spaces which people search out.

This video shows how Melbourne did it and is worth taking the time to watch:

Enliven Pittwater could totally change our lives. Get excited!


3 thoughts on “Simple re-design could enliven Pittwater Villages

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