Design village with retail district – lessons for Ingleside, Pittwater?

Could the retail district for Ingleside be modelled on the Seabrook retail principles?

Here are just a few ideas (Do you have others? Please add to comments below):

  • “Incubate” small businesses – allowing them to start small and grow with the business.
  • Cafes and a “local” pub.
  • Bread bakery.
  • Set up flexible spaces – such as markets rather than shops – which can be used/shared for other activities (e.g. BBQs or playgrounds).
  • Encourage local arts/crafts people.
  • Encourage local food growers/produces.
  • Establish a community garden (maybe using existing greenhouses) which can sell its produce at the market.
  • Maybe have a small community farm with chickens, a cow – need to be investigated. Again selling at the market.
  • Have a “Men’s Shed” (not just for men) where people can learn crafts and sell work at the local market.
  • Establish a knitting circle – again selling products at local market
  • An art group, a photography, a pottery, a sculpture group, etc, etc – all which could sell at the local market.
  • THE LIST could go on and on!

Check out the video to see what they have done as Seabrook, WA. I think we could do even better here!


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