New website Still PITTwaters for news and ideas on Pittwater, NSW

News and ideas for Pittwater

News and ideas for Pittwater

A group of us who care about openly discussing ideas and news in Pittwater have started this website.

Still PITTwaters is also a place for you to get your ideas and news out in the open. The website is run by an independent group of Pittwater residents who are passionate about Pittwater’s natural beauty and the future design of the area.

Some of our ideas maybe a little out-there but we hope they make you think. It is a place for thoughts on:

  • Better planning and design
  • Home design
  • Creating a better community
  • Providing better ways to get around our community
  • Ideas on linking with other communities and the centre of Sydney
  • What we want in our shopping villages
  • What we want to do with our public land
  • Events and entertainment we want to see in Pittwater
  • Keeping, improving and enjoying the natural environment
  • Encouraging business opportunities in Pittwater
  • Play areas for our children
  • Encouraging all of us to live happier, healthy lives
  • Great ideas we have seen in other places which could work here
  • Controversial things effecting the Pittwater area

All constructive thoughts and ideas will be valued and open for discussion. We encourage you to use the “Leave a comment” section on each post and page for constructive and respectful thoughts and ideas.

The website has been designed for:

  • All Pittwater residents
  • Especially for the young as they are the future custodians of Pittwater
  • For Pittwater Council and Councillors to read the communities ideas
  • For NSW State and Australian Federal Government, local MPs
  • For new comers to Pittwater
  • For long term residents to Pittwater
  • Also for people who love Pittwater, whether they are visitors or live here

One thought on “New website Still PITTwaters for news and ideas on Pittwater, NSW

  1. To Your Leader –
    My name is Conrad Grayson and I write as a new member of the Avalon Preservation Association – a local group that has been serving the local community for over 50 years.
    Your web presence was bought to my attention by our president Peter Mayman and we are really happy to see others members of the community sharing a vision for Pittwater, on this evocative and interactive platform. We would be interested to learn more about who you are, in the hope that we could meet and share some ideas for Pittwater.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

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