Managing our water, Pittwater’s greatest challenge

One of the biggest challenges in Pittwater is managing our water. Storm-water run-off is one of our greatest problems and causes of arguments between neighbours.

The cause is historical. Many of our homes were built in drought years and little thought was given to what happens when we have heavy rain. Likewise with our streets and town planning, many set up as holiday villages with little thought to greater density housing and all that comes with it.

Pittwater Council is planning a new project in town planning around Ingleside where the issue is to get the water management right.

For those who will be going or have gone to one of the Ingeleside planning workshops this week (1st week in March 2014) you will be asked on your ideas on how to handle water management. It is one you may not have thought of but if town planners get it wrong it can be a disaster.

It’s not an easy or simple issues. Those doing the design planning for Ingleside will need to know where the water flows and floods and keep housing to a minimal on these areas. They will also need to keep hard surfaces down to a minimum.

This video helps explain a little but we would be interest to know the storm-water problems you have in your local neighbourhood and your thoughts on how to stop them (please comment in the “Leave a Reply” section of the post).

A Swale could be the answer

what-is-a-swale-and-why-you-need-one-534x800A swale is a shallow trench dug along the land’s contour, with a berm on the downhill side.

All points along a contour line are exactly the same height above sea level.

Therefore, a trench along the contour slows the water and spreads it across the contour line.

This slowing and spreading of water reduces erosion, retains more water where it is needed, and does a bunch of other cool stuff, too!



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